Out-dressing the Bird! A Guide to Your Holiday Wardrobe

Hints of the holidays are all around! For some the holiday season stirs up warm memories and excitement…for others shear panic ensues…the gifts, the relatives, the cooking, etc. Whether you eagerly await or are already stressed just thinking of the holidays there is one thing you don’t need to be worrying over while entertaining, traveling & celebrating: WHAT TO WEAR???

Get your holiday wardrobe in order now!

Get your holiday wardrobe in order now!

I promise you, the season will be so much more enjoyable when you have pulled together your holiday wardrobe ahead of time. Whether your loved ones have a casual laid back holiday or a full blown fancy feast vanity will allow for a better time if you love and are comfy in your outfits. It is likely you’ll be in photos, seeing folks you rarely do, and that you have better things to think of during holidays than what you’ll wear like basting the darned bird for goodness sake!

Act now! A fabulous, pulled together holiday wardrobe can be achieved quite easily and frankly with Thanksgiving a mere 3 weeks away this is the right time to get this out of the way. There are really just 3 types of occasions to plan for: house party (casual but you know you want to look stylin’), cocktail party (Little Black Dress central…does yours even fit?), & formal (fundraisers, new years parties, etc).

Try on blasts from the past and make sure they fit, now!

Try on blasts from the past and make sure they fit, now!

Now now…your probably thinking, “oh I have a ton of things already! I need another dress like a 2nd turkey to roast!” However, every year we see soooo many customers running around totally stressed trying to find the perfect thing to wear because at the last minute last year’s dress no longer fit, zipper broke, snagged on the cat, etc. Do yourself a favor…shop your closet first! Absolutely, do it! Seek from your closet the items I suggest for every holiday wardrobe but…be as discerning as you would if you really had to buy that trusty old dress again. Is it really something you want to wear? Does it really fit well, still???

Happy Holidays to you…but first…happy shopping!


Casual Gathering:

Crisp, rip free dark denim: perfect for everything from a game of football on Thanksgiving day to open house neighborhood holiday parties. I suggest this is the #1 item to purchase for the holidays.  Consider dry cleaning denim during this season for a more polished look & always pair with a sparkly or dressier top.

On-trend Tops: Pick up 2 or 3 tops that you feel great in and have the latest trendy details such as a little fun in the back, crochet trim, or cold shoulders. Have no idea what I just said??? Pop in to our boutiques and let a stylist help you get updated.

Dressy Cardi: This is an important item because it can totally transform your existing wardrobe and keeps you warm. No point in buying a bunch super cute clothes and covering them up with a puffy ski coat. Go for versatility when shopping a cardi…which is basically a dressy sweater coat that you can layer over your outfits yet is not sooooo warm that you can’t wear it inside.

a superior dressy cardi, $119

a superior dressy cardi, $119


Fancy Pants: Forget the dress altogether! A nice, wrinkle free pair of palazzo pants will take you a long way through the season. Pair with an amazing jacket or sparkly top & your there!

LMD over LBD (little mystery dress over one that is just little): When dress shopping, stick with this rule thumb…pick one: legs or cleavage. If you go for a dress that highlights both people won’t know where to look and you’ll end up seeming trashy.

Accessories: If you are planning to reuse a dress from your past, good for you! Change up the look by adding a current statement necklace, a vibrant new shawl or a sensational clutch.  Stop into our boutiques to see the latest selection of trending accessories.

LMD (little mystery dress) is classy which is sooo much more attractive than letting it all hang out.

LMD (little mystery dress) is classy which is sooo much more attractive than letting it all hang out, $48.99


Statement Jacket: Be the epitome of elegance at your fundraiser ball, New Year’s bash or the like in a chic, unexpected jacket. Specifically look for one with an unusual angle in the design, a worldly feel to the print, or a very luxe fabric. Keep the rest of the look simple…maybe pair with your cocktail palazzos???

Dazzle at any event in our statement jackets, $112.

Dazzle at any event in our statement jackets, $112.


The Dos and Don’ts of Leggings


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Leggings have taken the fashion industry by storm the past few years! They are comfortable, easy care and typically a one-size-fits most item so it is easy to see why they are crowd pleasing. Everyone from kids to grandmother’s are rocking the legging look, though not all wear them well! While we firmly believe that every age and size can rock a trend, it is important to follow some guidelines with leggings.

This has gained national attention lately with a viral video out of Tennessee:

We agree with her “rules” and have a few thoughts to expand on them.

  1. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! So many issues can arise when the top worn with leggings is too short. Everything from camel toe to visible panties becomes an issue when leggings are worn with a short top. Keep it classy and wear a longer tunic or top that covers the unmentionables!
  2. Pair print leggings with a solid top & solid leggings with a print or more detailed top.

    Pair print leggings with solids and vice versa with printed tunics.

    Pair print leggings with solids and vice versa with printed tunics.

    3. Invest in quality leggings. From dealing with holes & pilling to sheerness & shrinkage it is always wise to choose quality basics.
    4. Maximize your wardrobe with leggings. By coordinating outfits with leggings matching layering pieces (cardigan) or accessories such as a scarf, you can take a summer sundress and transform it into an Arizona winter look!Add some sparkle, bling leggings are a fab way to add some pizzazz to a holiday outfit.

Lastly, you are not too old for leggings! Many women feel that they are past the age or size where leggings are flattering, not true! It is all about understanding how to style leggings for your body and for the look you wish to achieve.


Women are achieving and dreaming amazing things and it got us thinking…women truly able to be fabulous at every age!


Being a shop that caters to all ages, we see women that feel amazing about themselves at each age and women who feel inadequate at every age. Who do you think looks the best? What we are learning is that being fabulous is a mindset! Feeling fabulous about yourself is a beautiful, self-loving gift that no one else can provide!

 What we are learning is that being fabulous is a mindset!

While feeling fabulous is a mindset…dressing well certainly helps ones mind get there! There is a famous phrase, “Get up, show up, dress up” and we couldn’t agree more. The ladies we meet that feel great about themselves seem to have in common a love of getting “dressed-up” and taking care in how they project themselves. Dressing well for your age while being fun, fabulous and appropriate is possible! At Allie Ollie we feel it is possible to sport most any trend at any age…though the styling can make a huge difference in making a look age appropriate. Be sure to tune in to our upcoming stylist videos detailing dressing for every age, starting with 70s+!

What we are learning is that being fabulous is a mindset!


Motherhood is the ultimate display of strength, beauty & love! How will you show your mom how incredibly special she is to you? How will you treat yourself as a reward for all you do as a mother? Here is our guide to feeling the love this Mother’s Day!

  1. PRIVATE STYLING SESSION:319974_262436207131303_812657230_n                    Give the gift of pampering to your mom or yourself in a whole new way! Send mom to enjoy one on one time with a trained stylist at Allie Ollie! We will help to solve her wardrobe problems while offering guidance on color choices, flattering styles & trends for her specific look. FREE STYLING SESSION with purchase of any gift certificate over $50!
  2. GIFT CERTIFICATE: Send mom in to enjoy shopping in a upbeat and fun environment where we have great styles for all ages & sizes! Gift certificates are now 20% off!!! Call 928-634-1919 to order and have mailed in a Mother’s Day Card.
  3. Antique Inspired Jewelry: 24576-N_Color_45                             We have a great selection of gorgeous jewelry sets for under $36 that make an elegant gift and are easy to ship.

Gettin’ Groovy in the New Year!

Chanel's 2015 "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR" Themed show.

Chanel’s 2015 “MAKE LOVE NOT WAR” Themed show.

Happy New Year and Happy New You!!! 2015 is proving to be a year of definitive style with the overall feeling of a groovy, hippie, paisley 1970’s love-fest! From festival worthy, filmy frocks to bell-bottoms with remixed, modern Birkenstock like sandals get ready to embrace your inner flower child! Here is our run down on the must haves for the new season:

Dress / Top Extenders


They made their first appearance last fall and paired cutely with cowgirl boots…now they go with everything! This is the #1 must have for the spring. The groovy thing about them? They are wardrobe transformers! Just look at how a plaid button down becomes a hippie chic inspired ensemble when you layer one under! You don’t have to go crazy on the 70’s pieces head to toe to get the look.



The print of the year will undoubtedly be paisley! In fact many of the summer prints coming out almost have a fall look to them with the color palette being all darker neutrals & nature-ish prints. All in all…tribal prints out / hippie, paisley prints in.


The new “IT” Shoe

Platforms are back big time with a fun twist! This kind of modern Birkenstock look will be the it shoe for spring / summer…and we will carry several fun styles!

sheos new

Accessories…all about what’s on top!

Your 70’s inspired look won’t be complete until you top it off with either a halo style headband or a far out hat!

70s-hairbands-600x535 Hats3

Your guide to Fall’s hottest trend: Western Chic


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The lazy days of summer are winding down and the bustle of fall is upon us! Updating your fall wardrobe is pretty easy this year. There are some very wearable trends that are perfect for the southwest! The overall flavor is western chic and there are a few key pieces you need to add to your favorite jeans & turquoise jewelry to lasso the look.

The overall flavor for the season is "Western Chic".

The overall flavor for the season is “Western Chic”.


While leggings will continue to be popular for their comfort level, slips are making a big comeback and have a new name: Extenders. They are perfect to “extend” short tunics and cropped tops.

The trend is to wear a slip with a layers of lace or crochet trim that are exposed.

2. Flyaway Aztec Sweater

There is a bountiful selection of Aztec flyaway sweaters this season. They are the easiest way to update your look this fall & a very versatile piece.

3. Cowgirl Boots



The western trend is really easy if you have great cowgirl boots to pair with jeans & some layers. Boots from $36 at Allie Oll


Allie Ollie brand expands to offer kids’ sizes


Shania Moore, 8, and her grandmother Diana Vanmoorlehem pose wearing pieces of Allie Ollie’s new clothing line.

Local designer & retailer, Allie Olson has expanded her women’s collection to include pieces for little girls.  Last spring, Olson launched her private label in the Allie Ollie boutiques and internationally through wholesale. As the brand grows, Olson makes numerous trips to factories to monitor production. On a recent trip, her four year old daughter accompanied and begged the factory owner to make her some Allie Ollie clothes in her size.

One thing led to another and the mommy and me collection was born. “What can I say our family has made a lot of sacrifices regarding time together and even financially to build the brand.  As this kid’s line has come into play, I am able to include my girls in the process. They even are helping with print selections! It is very special,” Olson explains. In addition to carrying the Allie Ollie brand children’s items, the boutiques will carry a variety of kid’s boutique brands and accessories.


Olson shown with daughters.

The mommy and me line will be launched in the Cottonwood boutique on May 3rd from noon to 4 at the launch party complete with a bouncy castle and giveaways, RSVP 928-634-1919. Bring a friend (and RSVP) to get a free gift! Frozen will be played inside the boutique in the new kiddo movie corner as well.

In addition, the Sedona boutique will host the company’s 5th Anniversary Bash, May 10, 2014; 1 pm. The event will include a fashion show complete with mommy & me models as well as the Summer 2014 ladies collection. In addition, attendees will be entered in giveaways and enjoy refreshments. RSVP 928-284-1592 or at Allie Ollie Boutique.

Olson’s 4 year old modeling her Allie Ollie clothes in “just her size!”

Site Update: Allie Gals is Here!

Allie Ollie presents Allie Gals plus sizes for 1X-3X

As a boutique owner for four years before becoming a designer herself, Allie has learned what it means to make a woman feel special in the clothing she selects. Although Allie’s designs are often fun and colorful with electrifying prints to boot, flattering the female figure has always been just as important. In designing her Spring 2014 Collection, she focused on creating pieces that look great on EVERY body type. Which is why we’re proud to announce with the release of our Spring 2014 Collection…Allie Gals!

Allie Gals is the spot to find all of your plus-sized clothing; hand-picked pieces from our Spring 2014 Collection are now available in Sizes 1X-2X-3X. Here are just a few of the pieces you can expect:

Allie Ollie African Sunshine Tank Tunic

Our beautiful tank tunic in just one of our great prints

Allie Ollie Floral Block Stripes 3/4 Sleeve Tee

A perfect, easy breezy 3/4 Sleeve Tee

Be sure to stay tuned on Facebook to see reveals of more of more pieces from our new Basics Collection this week- have you joined Instagram yet? We love being on there (follow our account here)- when you take a pic in one of your Allie Ollie outfits, be sure to use the hashtag #allieollie

Hope you all have a great weekend!

“Spring into Fashion” with Allie Ollie and Yeki!


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Spring into Fashion event presented by Phoenix Fashion Week and showcasing Allie Ollie Boutiques

In the past, we’ve always had a great time setting up trunk shows during the fabulous events put on by the team behind Phoenix Fashion Week. This year we are thrilled to be included in their runway show for their “Spring into Fashion” event coming up Friday, March 28, at the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix.

The night will prove to be tremendous fun with five stylists crafting runway shows with clothing from local Arizona designers and retailers. We are thrilled this year to be one of their five featured retailers; our runway show will be styled by the incredibly talented Yekatherina Bruner who will hand select items from our Spring 2014 Collection (in stores and online TOMORROW!) as well as some of the fabulous other lines we carry in our boutiques. Yekatherina, or Yeka, as we’ve come to know her, has styled several shows including the same event from last year (watch footage here). She is also owner of her own styling, event planning, and image consulting company called YKStudio. And just last year she was labeled one of Glamour magazine’s 2013 “Glambassadors”-we are so excited to be in such good company and to see what she does with our clothes!

Yekatherina Bruner Stylist for Allie Ollie at Spring into Fashion Event

A shot of our stylist for the event- Yeki Bruner

In addition to a runway show, we will also have a trunk show set up so you can shop the looks you see on-the-spot! Have we tempted you enough? Tickets for the event are available here. We seriously doubt anything less than a fabulous night of fun, fashion, and tons of Allie Ollie styles! If you’re attending, please be sure to let us know on Facebook, on our Twitter, or in an Instagram comment!

Allie Ollie on Sonoran Living

Be sure to tune in to Sonoran Living the day before the event, Thursday, March 27th at 9am. Allie will be talking about the event and all of the great fashions you can expect to see!

Get Your Passport to Savings!


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This Spring, we’re thinking all things Parisian. After launching our With Love Collection and throwing our absolutely delightful Springtime in Paris party, we certainly have a trip to Paris on the mind. Although we may be working too hard to actually book a trip to the Eiffel Tower, we think there’s no reason we can’t bring the spirit of Paris to our stores! Which is why we are kicking off six weeks of savings with our Passport to Paris!

The next time you come in be sure to ask one of our associates for your “Passport to Savings.” Inside you’ll find this passport. Every time you spend at least $50, you will get a stamp on your passport unlocking your savings for that purchase. After making a purchase you’ll receive your Passport to Savings; then next time you come back and make a purchase over $50, you’ll get 10% off that order. Come in again and make another $50 purchase, and you’ll receive 15% off your next purchase. Keep coming in and the savings get better and better!

This offer is valid through April 15 in boutiques only giving you plenty of time to bring friends in, go shopping for an Easter dress, get a few items for a relative’s birthday, or shop for that much needed vacation! We hope you come in soon and enjoy your Passport to Savings!


Too excited to wait?! You can print this passport by simply clicking on the picture above and selecting “print” from your File menu.

Stay tuned for details of our Prescott “Springtime in Paris” Party…coming soon!