You wear them all the time in this neck of the woods! A small town staple, jeans are one area of your wardrobe to splurge. Truly, to get by you need atleast 3 amazing pairs. Let us not forget, we have around 100 days of jeans weather remaining before warm weather so it is still appropriate timing to examine your denim collection. Do you have a nice long pair to wear with heels or wedges? What about a skinny to pop into boots (there’s been snow in them there parts as late as April!) Does the rinse of your favorite pairs look modern?
Do your jeans EVEN FIT???
All of these questions leave a girl with only one option. Be a bit of diva about finding your perfect pairs! There are criteria involved here. Rinse, quality, fit and style are all factors. High-end looking jeans totally change your whole look. . Hey even a white t-shirt looks great paired with what? Oh yeah, great denim!
Dark Rinses
Boot Cut
Oversized, White Stitching
Thick, quality denim
Embroidered, Beaded
Light Rinses
Thin, flimsy fabrics
There are always exceptions to rules, jeans just aren’t the are to be outdated.
These are magic jeans! Look great on, comfort, bling, the are LONG and quality!
At Allie Ollie, we offer a variety of denim collections including LA IDOL, DANIEL, and LUICE Jeans. Our sizes range from 0 to 24 women’s! The key to a great wardrobe is getting help! Make it easy by letting us dress you. Pop in to one of our 3 fun boutiques or schedule and save 15% !