Don’t worry, you’re not the only real woman that doesn’t have the body, lifestyle, or budget to follow the fashion magazines and latest whim of the high-designers. The trendsetting little Size-I-Hate-You’s are sure to dazzle this season in 5 inch heeled booties and skinny, leather pants. They can have it!

Real women are working, have kids, travel (and actually plan to walk around on their trip). Great news, there is such a thing as “street style” which is what we focus on. Looks that are wearable, comfortable, easy care and travel well. So…what’s new in street style?

The Colors

One of the easiest ways to update your look is to pick up a couple tops in the season’s “it” colors. This year those would be bright blue, emerald green, and lavender. Mix and match these new punchy pieces with your usual fall staples like slacks, leggings, and jeans.

Another way to incorporate these colors is as accents through accessorizing. A bold new handbag and a funky scarf can take you far.


While trenches and heavy jackets can be impossibly chic and work for every age and size, they don’t work for every climate. In warmer areas the trick is to get a fall look with out hot flashes! A great trick to achieve a

finished fall look is to wear a vest “topper” that is convertible to offer a variety of looks with one piece. Try one of our Shawl Dawls scarves that can be styled 15 different ways!

The Accessories

If you aren’t yet hooked on accessorizing…This is the season to start! Transform your look with a few new pieces. One of my favorite fashion shows we did featured the same top and jeans on 4 models, all rocking very different looks based solely on their accessories! You can play the same game in your closet…

Pieces to buy for fall:

-amazing clutch purse (Go for a purse with a removable strap so you can convert to the coveted clutch look quickly).

jewelry scarf

These scarves come with the funky jewelry pieces attached and are really versatile. You can tie them many ways as a scarf or even as a belt. At Allie Ollie we also have the scarf jewelry so you can convert your favorite scarves at home.

-Wide, Cinch Belt

From sweaters to button downs to trench coats…it’s all getting belted! Take sundresses into fall by belting with a little jacket or denim shirt.