As fashion continues to inspire ladyism, the charm of the era is found in the trim and details. Fall always brings on a crispness and formality that preludes the holiday fussing. A sort of professional feel in the air as the schedules align and bustling becomes the norm.

Fashion too takes this turn and this season the emphasis has fallen deeply for the details.  From brooch like buttons to leather piped necklines the trend is to wear a defining accent. Classic pieces are made modern by an elegant afterthought. The great news is that this trend is for everyone! From skinny mini 20 somethings to working moms and women expierenced in practical fashion, the idea of looking finished is a great fall theme.

To do a quick fall wardrobe update pick up a few key pieces.

Something with leather accent

A faux leather piped neckline is your quick ticket to trendy!

A ruffled waistline

A ruffle in the right spot is the ultimate in figure flattery.

The bold button

Substitute a wild brooch for a button on a sweater or cardigan.