Wreaths and sparkle have begun to adorn the malls already…welcoming the early shopping season let’s us enjoy the holidays when they are “really” here.

For so many the focus and goal for this year’s holiday season is to enjoy the celebrations by being truly present with family and friends. To have “real” holidays that focus on tradition and the meaning of the season. Perhaps this sweet trend has inspired the ainxt of shoppers this year, eager to have “wrapped up” thier preparations by mid-November. One sure way to be focused on what matters this year is to shop early. Our early-bird-gets-to-relax-later Gift & Personal Prep Guide has you covered!

Take time to prepare your holiday wardrobe now!


This is a very valuable style tip…give yourself the gift of being prepared to look great this year. Try on your “dress-up” wardrobe and take a serious look at what you can put together. Don’t rely on that you probably have something to wear…get it together now! Pull together 3 solid looks and have them hanging up accessorized and ready to go! You may want to make an appointment with a stylist to get help with this (ps. you can bring in pieces you already have that you want to incorporate into a holiday wardrobe).  A few sparkly tops or one amazing velvet poncho and a pair of palazzo pants can usually set you up!


When gift shopping it is always great to pick items that are both unique and versatile. Our suggestions include:

A fun, sparkly jewelry set is a great gift as every girl loves a little bling, $21.

This incredibly versatile shawls can be worn 15+ ways and come in a variety of colors and fabrics…loved by all ages! from $56.

Silk Velvets are timeless, fit everyone and are super elegant, making them ultimate gift! from $109