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Sheila Vertuno of Chasing Sheila blog winner of Allie Ollie Ensemble Blogger Styling Contest

Sheila and her winning look!

Earlier this month when all of our Ensemble Launch Parties were in full effect, we hosted a VIP Blogger Styling Event at our Phoenix Store.  Bloggers sipped on red velvet champagne (you heard it right-delish!) while styling their favorite looks from the Ensemble line.  Our winning look was styled by Sheila Vertuno of the beautiful blog Chasing Sheila.  This powerhouse came in and took charge; it was such a blast to have her there and we’re pleased to share with you her review of the collection.

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Sheila’s article begins here:

From humble entrepreneurial beginnings of buying and selling clothes via eBay and her online store, not only did Allie Olson expand into managing her own 5 brick and mortar establishments statewide, but she is now also a full-fledged designer!  What a major milestone!!!

 Allie debuted her very first exclusive line “Ensemble” in Paradise Valley Mall followed by a series of launch parties in her flagship stores in Arizona – Prescott, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Cottonwood.

Seated in the front row of the “Ensemble” fashion show, coincidentally four days after I wrote “Does Size Matter?” which talks about vanity sizing, Allie’s signature line proved that size does NOT matter. Keeping it real, Ensemble clothes are affordable, stylish, and they compliment any body type, length and shape.  There are several pieces that can be easily mixed and matched, and the bold patterns with just the right amount of sparkle makes it relevant and appropriate for any generation.

Allie Ollie Desert Diva Catwalk

Desert Divas Catwalk

Ensemble comes in four collections, of which my favorite is shown above, the Desert Diva, true to its name, with Aztec diagram and earthy colors.  For this collection, my pick was the body-hugging Hot Little # dress.  I love, love, love the spanx-like lining that is light enough to be discreet yet adequately fit to hold everything firm…genius creation! I would wear it casual with fringe shawl for Boho style or by itself, chic and sexy.

Desert Diva Sheila styled Boho and Chic

Desert Diva Sheila styled Boho and Chic

My second favorite is the Royal Chic collection. The tri-chromatic shades of blue playing with the white breaks, and the strategic placement of the unique prints, flatter in the right places, like the Hot Little # on Alicia Evans.

alicia evans walking the runway in royal chic's hot little number

Alicia Evan’s in Royal Chic Hot Little Number

My choice Royal Chic pick is the Bling Strap Tunic that I tried to buy off the runway, however it was a sample piece and was not available for sale then. I was able to try it on in between fashion shows (sshhh!) and finally got my own 2 days ago! I would show it off as is or belted at the beach by day or the club by night.  Oh sleeveless too…how about that new look!!!

Chasing Sheila in Ensemble Royal Chic Hot Little Number

Sheila Vertuno in Royal Chic Bling Strap

The other two collections, Lovin’ Lilac and Two-Tone Artist present more feminine and floral designs, and are just as beautiful.  Perfect for sunny Arizona’s year-round weather or for traveling, cruise/resort-style.

Like most of you, my challenge is walking out of Allie Ollie Boutique with just one item, let alone empty-handed.  So the last Ensemble piece that I picked up over the weekend is the Pocket Tunic LBD (little black dress), which by the way also comes in colors red, fuschia, eggplant, brown and salmon.

Sheila Vertuno of Chasing Sheila in Allie Ollie's Ensemble Pocket Tunic LBD

Sheila Vertuno in Pocket Tunic LBD

Lastly, a little birdie told me that Allie’s Fall/Holiday 2013 collection is now in production.  I was very impressed with the Ensemble that I cannot wait to see her upcoming creations.  For the meantime, have a wonderful summer!

Get your FASH on and happy styling!


Sheila of Chasing Sheila