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On the eve of the holiday that celebrates our nation’s independence, we thought it fitting to share with you our growing love of supporting American-made products.  With the recent launch of the ENSEMBLE Collection, we made it a priority that all garments be American-made.  After the success of the line and comments on its high quality craftsmanship, we see no reason to go back!  For the Spring 2014 line, our pieces will not only be made in America, the fabrics will be too!

If you’re new to this stars-and-stripes movement, or just need a refresher, here are 5 compelling reasons to becoming a more patriotic patron:

1) Independence: When we choose to outsource several aspects of the manufacturing industry, we are reliant on foreign countries and relinquish control to their methods.  Keeping all parts of the process “in house,” keeps us in charge from start to finish.

2) Economy Boost: This one is pretty simple.  The more you support products made in America, the more you stimulate our local economy as opposed to sending that profit overseas.

3) Let’s Keep Our Jobs: Another simple one.  With our unemployment percentage still at an alarmingly high percent, buying more American products will demand more American jobs!

4) Fair Labor Laws: When manufacturing is outsourced to different countries, it is also subject to far-below-average conditions for its workers.  Sweatshops, forced labor, and unsavory work environments are just a few of these conditions.  However, if work stays in America, more strict labor laws are in place to protect our workers, giving them an honest days wage.

5) Keep it Local: From the local businesses that invite us to host a fashion show to the chefs who bring goodies to an event, or the fashion designers whose advice we’ve scooped up, we know we’d be nothing without the support of our local businesses.  Developing that sense of community and the personal connection to each of the products we buy is perhaps our favorite reason to buy American… it just feels good!

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To get you in the stars and stripes spirit, we are offering a great sale on our ENSEMBLE Collection.  Now through Sunday July 7th, you can buy any two Ensemble pieces, and get the third one free!  We are all about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Affordably Chic Clothing!

Feel free to leave a reply and let us know what American-made means to you!