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Santa Fe Fashion Week Sign

Since being accepted to Santa Fe Fashion Week this upcoming October, we’ve been aflutter getting everything ready for our Allie Ollie Holiday 2013 Collection.

With our business operations primarily in Arizona, it’s exciting to be a part of an event that is centered in the Southwest.  States like Arizona and New Mexico are often underrepresented in the fashion world but we believe changes are being made.  It was just last season that Patricia Michaels, Taos, New Mexico-based fashion designer, landed it about as big as you can get when she was asked to participate in Project Runway, our favorite reality series.  She left the show a finalist and returned to her native New Mexico, a huge symbol for the changing face of fashion in the Southwest.

fashion designer patricia michaels featured in tao, new mexico blog

Patricia Michaels in her native Taos, New Mexico

Today we wanted to share a few of her designs, those that epitomize her Southwest roots and speak to our love of the bold, colorful, and comfortable.  Not to mention, how much our recent Desert Diva and Two-Tone Artist collections bear some unique similarities to the fabulous Patricia!  We hope you enjoy our curated favorites and visit her website for more.

patricia michaels dress featured on the allie ollie blog

patricia michaels dress featured on the allie ollie blog

patricia michaels in a patricia michaels original design featured on the allie ollie blog

Designer Patricia again in her Off the Shoulder Ink Drip Dress