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At Allie Ollie, we’ve had a number of “turning lemons into lemonade” moments in our history.  This is just the state of running a retail business; whether it’s driving in the middle of the night to LA to pick up product, or closing down early at our Cottonwood store due to exterior construction, it’s our positive attitude that keeps us afloat.

So, enter our latest lemon: Allie gets into a fender bender with a parked car when arriving to a speaking event.  The owner of that car happens to be MaChelle Burroughs, the fabulous creator of a cute and colorful handbag line.  Stir in a little sugar and some great conversation, and now Missions Recycled Logo Bags are carried in our boutiques.  Voila! Lemonade!

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These handbags are a great statement piece; each has its own unique bold color set, pattern, and cute clutch size to make them an eye-catching accessory.  Not only that … they are a fabulous conversation starter.  Made entirely from recycled materials they support initiatives for a greener world.  These handbags are made by female political refugees from Bhutan, Burma, Nepal, Iraq, and a number of African countries.  Currently residing in Phoenix, these female artisans work from their home while taking care of their children and pursuing their own education.  Profits from your purchase support these ladies as well as other refugees on their road to financial independence.

Now that’s some sweet, sweet lemonade.


Did you catch us last week on Good Morning Arizona last week?  We were talking all about our Fall and Holiday lines and . . . these fabulous bags! We hope you’ll stop in soon and see our new Missions Logo Bags.

Don’t forget…

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