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Allie Ollie Models Standing Back to Back in Shawl Dawl, Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tee, and Daniell Jeans

As fall begins and chilly temps start creeping into your day, it can become all too easy to reach for your old favorite sweater-and-jeans combo.  It’s comfortable, right? It’s cozy, right? It’s easy to grab, throw on, and simply run out the door.  Now, we are not undervaluing the importance of those qualities. Never. A lady has to have a little wiggle room, right? But what about an alternative that does not sacrifice comfort AND is chic, elegant, and well-put-together? Wouldn’t you like that too?  Well, we’ve got it.  Your perfect fall look redefined.

Our Three Quarter Length Tees are a soft, comfortable fabric with just enough sparkle to elevate them to beyond the basics.  The Shawl Dawl in a complimentary solid color provides warmth without fuss, and looks chic no matter how you wear it (did you know there are 15 ways to wear a Shawl Dawl?! Check out the video here).  And, to balance out the look, a slimming pair of blingy jeans. We suggest adding four of each piece and you’ll have a complete wardrobe to mix and match all Fall long!

Allie Ollie Models Kim and Michelle in Shawl Dawls and Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tees

Here are the ingredients for this great go-to look:

1. Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tee from our Allie Ollie Fall Collection

2. A Shawl Dawl of your choice.

3. And a pair of fabulous blingy Danielle jeans that we sell in all of our boutiques.

4. As for shoes, we suggest cowboy boots; we like stickin’ to our Western roots.

Allie Ollie models wearing shawl dawls, three quarter length sleeve tees, and danielle jeans

We asked two of our favorite locals (and favorite models) to come to The Briar Patch Inn in Sedona and help us with our photo shoot last week. Here are Michelle Murie and Kim Maney looking gorgeous in our go-to Fall look!

Allie Ollie Model Kim Maney Smiling at the Camera in Shawl Dawl and Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tee

On Kim: Kim dazzles in an Allie Ollie Night Sky Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tee, Black Shawl Dawl, and Danielle Jeans. All of these items can be found at our stores.

Allie Ollie Model Michelle in Fall Romance Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tee and Danielle Jeans

Michelle dresses it down without the Shawl Dawl in this pic.  You can easily go for this look as well; it really lets the Fall Romance print sparkle.

On Michelle: Allie Ollie Fall Romance Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tee, Danielle Jeans

Allie Ollie Models in Shawl Dawls, Three Quarter Length Sleeve Tee, and Danielle Jeans

For more photos of this dynamic duo, be sure to check out our Facebook photo album entitled “Your Go-To Fall Look.” No matter what styles you pick, we hope you dazzle them all this Fall!