What Bonnie bought with her 500 dollar shopping spree with owner and designer Allie Olson

Owner Allie with Fab Fall Giveaway Winner Bonnie Black and all of her fabulous winnings!

Two weeks ago we announced the winner of our Fab Fall Giveaway; we wanted to say thanks again to everyone who entered. In the end, it was Miss Bonnie Black who won the big award. What big reward you might ask? Bonnie was treated to a $500 shopping spree at our Paradise Valley Mall Location. Bonnie and her friend Rhonda shopped the day away with the help of our all-star styling team.


Stylist Laura helps Bonnie with sizing.Bonnie in an aqua maxi dress from our Allie Ollie Boutique

We loved this aqua dress on Bonnie; she got it of course!Rhonda wearing Allie Ollie Emerald Elegance Flyaway Vest and Palazzo Pant

Bonnie’s friend Rhonda looked fabulous in our Emerald Elegance Collection.

Winner of fab fall giveaway with friend

It’s a party in the dressing room!

Allie Ollie Clothing displayed for Fab Fall Giveaway Winner

Allie Ollie Clothing from Fab Fall Giveaway

Bonnie’s Bling Winnings!

Here’s just what $500 can get you at Allie Ollie:

– 2 tops

– 1 perfect shrug

– 1 pair of leggings

– 2 maxi dresses

– 5 tunics

– 3 one-of-a-kind designer samples

Not bad, huh?   Bonnie, Allie, and Rhonda in Allie Ollie Boutique

Be sure to enter next year when we host our Fab Fall Giveaway once more. For now, happy shopping!