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Your Holiday Dress Code Text from Allie Ollie

With only two weeks until Christmas, the full festive spirit is underway! If you’re anything like us, you’ve got staff Christmas parties, family get-togethers, and the upcoming New Year’s Eve holiday to prepare for; we’re as happy as sugarplums thinking of the variety of reasons to look and feel your seasonal best.

However, all that variety can get a bit overwhelming at times- what do I wear to a gingerbread decorating party? Are pants okay at an evening cocktail party? What’s the dress code at a Holiday Open House? Knowing what to wear at each of your events can at times be as stressful as crossing off all the names on a holiday gift list. But with our simple guide, we’ll make sure you feel prepared no matter what the coming month may bring. Missing any of these great holiday pieces from your wardrobe? Come in and visit us and we’ll get your Holiday Wardrobe stocked!

Staff Christmas Party Text from Allie Ollie

patterned black and white blazer and skirt from Allie Ollie

For those holiday staff parties, it’s best to make an impression without going over the top. Try a patterned blazer and matching skirt (call for details) to pump up the volume on your usual business attire. This look adds a bit of dressed-up appeal while remaining professional.

patterned blazer and black maxi dress from Allie Ollie

Try cinching in your blazer and adding a black maxi dress for a more festive, fun approach to business casual.Allie Ollie Fall Romance Hot Little Number and Perfect Shrug for Staff Christmas Party

For those more daring ladies who’ll wear a cocktail dress to their staff party, don’t forget a practical shrug to keep you cozy- and demure. (Pictured here: our Fall Romance Hot Little Number + Fall Romance Perfect Shrug).

Cocktail Party text from Allie Ollie

Allie Ollie red cocktail dress with jewels and art deco inspired

At Allie Ollie, we’re not afraid to dress up. In fact, we embrace it! And it’s our belief that the best accompaniment to a cocktail party is the perfect cocktail dress. Sure, we embrace comfort as well but there are few times in the year where we can really sparkle at an event. So…take advantage!

Red black and white patterned cocktail dress from Allie Ollie

The festive colors and Marilyn Monroe-inspired cut make this dress fun, flattering, and comfortable. Call us to see which boutiques carry this style.

Chasing Sheila Wearing Allie Ollie Wild Thang Hot Little Number

This hot little number is perfect for looking your best at a cocktail party or New Year’s Eve celebration.

Holiday Open House Text for Allie Ollie

Allie Ollie Holiday Apparel

Although they may not always be called an “Open House,” impromptu gatherings of this type are frequent during the Holiday Season. Cookie exchanges; dinner parties; Gingerbread House decorating; whatever it may be, it’s best to be prepared with a few of these winter looks.

Velvet Cape from Allie Ollie for Holiday Open House

We know that in Arizona, we’re not always the most dressed up bunch. We’ll often prefer jeans and cowboy boots to wear at every event. What if we told you you could have your candy cane and eat it too? Wear your go-to look along with a velvet cape to add drama and sophistication to the more casual approach.Steampunk sweater with black maxi dress from Allie Ollie

This steampunk sweater is perfect for taking a trip around the neighborhood to view Christmas Lights. Afterwards, get back inside for a cup of hot cocoa!

Happy Holidays everyone!