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You know that scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” where Andy (Anne Hathaway) stands in front of the formidable Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) in that “lumpy blue sweater”? After Andy states, makes the mistake rather, that  she’s still learning about this “stuff” she endures a cutting and rather illuminating speech from the Queen of Fashion herself. Don’t remember the speech? You have to watch it- so hilarious!

What we take from that speech, besides never wanting to be left alone in a room with Miranda Priestly, is that no matter how you slice it, fashion is everywhere – which we love! From high fashion editors to your favorite local boutique (we hope it’s ours) women wake up every morning and make a choice about how they are going to dress that day. So, when Pantone (another taste-maker in the world of fashion design) tells us what the next color of the year is… we listen.

allie ollie radiant orchid image

And for Spring of 2014, we couldn’t be more excited by their selection: Radiant Orchid. Unlike the bold 2013 Emerald Color, this one is just a touch more subtle. It exudes confidence and warmth and is a beautiful color against all skin tones.  Here are a number of clips of this beautiful color on the runways already:

Allie Ollie: Looks of Radiant Orchid from the runway

Not to mention…how we’ve already picked up on the color in our own designs.

Allie Ollie Lovin' Lilac Collection inspiring the Pantone color of the year: radiant orchid

If you want to get a jump on this year’s Spring Color, our Radiant Orchid-inspired designs are online now. We called them Lovin’ Lilac- but you do see the similarity, don’t you?

 Orchid and Lilac Colors from Allie Ollie

And just as a special offer to all of you fashionistas, we’re offering 15% off of our entire Lovin’ Lilac collection when you use the code RADIANT at checkout. This deal will last through New Year’s Eve. Need more ideas for this hue? Head over to our Radiant Orchid board on Pinterest. Do you follow us yet? We’re constantly updating with style tips, outfits, inspirations, and more!

And remember ladies, when you wake up in the morning, you’re not just putting on “stuff.” You’re wearing fashion…so have fun and look fabulous!