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Hello everyone-my name is Tina and if you don’t know me yet, I’ve been the author of the Allie Ollie style blog since April. In addition to writing the blog, I’ve also been behind-the-scenes building the website, doing Facebook, developing the graphics, and helping Allie with a variety of other marketing tasks.

Allie and Tina in Las Vegas at Magic Apparel Market

See, here I am 🙂 This was at our debut at MAGIC in Las Vegas this past August.

When I first started working for Allie (oh, did I mention we’re cousins too?), my first job was to cover a fashion show put on at a ladies luncheon in Cottonwood. After it was over, several of the women came to our Cottonwood location to shop. I’ll never forget the looks on their faces when they stepped out of the dressing room wearing our clothes. They were smiling, laughing, complimenting each other, and having a great time. Women who came in wearing t-shirts and old pants were leaving with animal print, fuchsia and lime green tops, and wildly patterned dresses. And, they were all so, so happy. Right then and there, I knew that Allie Ollie would be a place I would call home for quite awhile.

After all the years spent with owner Allie (save for the six months or so that I spent drooling around on this planet before she was born) i have always known her to be courageous, beautiful, and so, so strong.  Even as a kid she was tenacious, she spoke her mind, and had dreams bigger than most dare to dream. She is an example that life is for the living; that every problem is an opportunity; and that- perhaps more important than anything else- life should never be taken too seriously.

With the New Year upon us, we’d like you to consider one simple resolution. It won’t require a gym membership or an organic foods grocery bill triple what you’re used to spending. It’s something deeper than that and it’s inside everyone of you. This year…we want you to be bold. That’s it…just be bold. Try something new! Make a plan to follow one of your dreams! Laugh more! Be adventurous!

When choosing your clothing, nothing’s better than bold!

Allie Ollie Bold Purses in bold colors

Bold in color…

ALlie Ollie Bold Prints up close in a collage from Fall 2013 Collection

Bold in print… (full collections available for each print 1, 2, 3, 4)

Allie Ollie Bold Style cream lace palazzo pant

And bold in style.

Designer Allie Olson of Allie Ollie smiling with Betsey Johnson at Tucson Fashion Week

Be bold with a true smile.

Allie Ollie Models Smiling and Laughing in Wild Thang Collection from Fall 2013

Be silly and have lots of fun! (Wild Thang Collection available here.)

Owner of Allie Ollie Allie Olson Standing in Empty Boutique Space

Have a dream… And make it happen!

Allie Ollie Phoenix Store Location

Be an Allie Ollie woman. Be bold.

We want to know- how will you be bold this year? What risks will you take in 2014? Leave us a comment below or take a picture and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #allieolliewoman Or leave us a comment on Facebook-several pics from this post will be live; share them with your friends. You want them to be bold too, right?!

Happy 2014 everyone- it’s going to be a great year!