Chanel's 2015 "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR" Themed show.

Chanel’s 2015 “MAKE LOVE NOT WAR” Themed show.

Happy New Year and Happy New You!!! 2015 is proving to be a year of definitive style with the overall feeling of a groovy, hippie, paisley 1970’s love-fest! From festival worthy, filmy frocks to bell-bottoms with remixed, modern Birkenstock like sandals get ready to embrace your inner flower child! Here is our run down on the must haves for the new season:

Dress / Top Extenders


They made their first appearance last fall and paired cutely with cowgirl boots…now they go with everything! This is the #1 must have for the spring. The groovy thing about them? They are wardrobe transformers! Just look at how a plaid button down becomes a hippie chic inspired ensemble when you layer one under! You don’t have to go crazy on the 70’s pieces head to toe to get the look.



The print of the year will undoubtedly be paisley! In fact many of the summer prints coming out almost have a fall look to them with the color palette being all darker neutrals & nature-ish prints. All in all…tribal prints out / hippie, paisley prints in.


The new “IT” Shoe

Platforms are back big time with a fun twist! This kind of modern Birkenstock look will be the it shoe for spring / summer…and we will carry several fun styles!

sheos new

Accessories…all about what’s on top!

Your 70’s inspired look won’t be complete until you top it off with either a halo style headband or a far out hat!

70s-hairbands-600x535 Hats3