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Leggings have taken the fashion industry by storm the past few years! They are comfortable, easy care and typically a one-size-fits most item so it is easy to see why they are crowd pleasing. Everyone from kids to grandmother’s are rocking the legging look, though not all wear them well! While we firmly believe that every age and size can rock a trend, it is important to follow some guidelines with leggings.

This has gained national attention lately with a viral video out of Tennessee:

We agree with her “rules” and have a few thoughts to expand on them.

  1. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! So many issues can arise when the top worn with leggings is too short. Everything from camel toe to visible panties becomes an issue when leggings are worn with a short top. Keep it classy and wear a longer tunic or top that covers the unmentionables!
  2. Pair print leggings with a solid top & solid leggings with a print or more detailed top.

    Pair print leggings with solids and vice versa with printed tunics.

    Pair print leggings with solids and vice versa with printed tunics.

    3. Invest in quality leggings. From dealing with holes & pilling to sheerness & shrinkage it is always wise to choose quality basics.
    4. Maximize your wardrobe with leggings. By coordinating outfits with leggings matching layering pieces (cardigan) or accessories such as a scarf, you can take a summer sundress and transform it into an Arizona winter look!Add some sparkle, bling leggings are a fab way to add some pizzazz to a holiday outfit.

Lastly, you are not too old for leggings! Many women feel that they are past the age or size where leggings are flattering, not true! It is all about understanding how to style leggings for your body and for the look you wish to achieve.