Hints of the holidays are all around! For some the holiday season stirs up warm memories and excitement…for others shear panic ensues…the gifts, the relatives, the cooking, etc. Whether you eagerly await or are already stressed just thinking of the holidays there is one thing you don’t need to be worrying over while entertaining, traveling & celebrating: WHAT TO WEAR???

Get your holiday wardrobe in order now!

Get your holiday wardrobe in order now!

I promise you, the season will be so much more enjoyable when you have pulled together your holiday wardrobe ahead of time. Whether your loved ones have a casual laid back holiday or a full blown fancy feast vanity will allow for a better time if you love and are comfy in your outfits. It is likely you’ll be in photos, seeing folks you rarely do, and that you have better things to think of during holidays than what you’ll wear like basting the darned bird for goodness sake!

Act now! A fabulous, pulled together holiday wardrobe can be achieved quite easily and frankly with Thanksgiving a mere 3 weeks away this is the right time to get this out of the way. There are really just 3 types of occasions to plan for: house party (casual but you know you want to look stylin’), cocktail party (Little Black Dress central…does yours even fit?), & formal (fundraisers, new years parties, etc).

Try on blasts from the past and make sure they fit, now!

Try on blasts from the past and make sure they fit, now!

Now now…your probably thinking, “oh I have a ton of things already! I need another dress like a 2nd turkey to roast!” However, every year we see soooo many customers running around totally stressed trying to find the perfect thing to wear because at the last minute last year’s dress no longer fit, zipper broke, snagged on the cat, etc. Do yourself a favor…shop your closet first! Absolutely, do it! Seek from your closet the items I suggest for every holiday wardrobe but…be as discerning as you would if you really had to buy that trusty old dress again. Is it really something you want to wear? Does it really fit well, still???

Happy Holidays to you…but first…happy shopping!


Casual Gathering:

Crisp, rip free dark denim: perfect for everything from a game of football on Thanksgiving day to open house neighborhood holiday parties. I suggest this is the #1 item to purchase for the holidays.  Consider dry cleaning denim during this season for a more polished look & always pair with a sparkly or dressier top.

On-trend Tops: Pick up 2 or 3 tops that you feel great in and have the latest trendy details such as a little fun in the back, crochet trim, or cold shoulders. Have no idea what I just said??? Pop in to our boutiques and let a stylist help you get updated.

Dressy Cardi: This is an important item because it can totally transform your existing wardrobe and keeps you warm. No point in buying a bunch super cute clothes and covering them up with a puffy ski coat. Go for versatility when shopping a cardi…which is basically a dressy sweater coat that you can layer over your outfits yet is not sooooo warm that you can’t wear it inside.

a superior dressy cardi, $119

a superior dressy cardi, $119


Fancy Pants: Forget the dress altogether! A nice, wrinkle free pair of palazzo pants will take you a long way through the season. Pair with an amazing jacket or sparkly top & your there!

LMD over LBD (little mystery dress over one that is just little): When dress shopping, stick with this rule thumb…pick one: legs or cleavage. If you go for a dress that highlights both people won’t know where to look and you’ll end up seeming trashy.

Accessories: If you are planning to reuse a dress from your past, good for you! Change up the look by adding a current statement necklace, a vibrant new shawl or a sensational clutch.  Stop into our boutiques to see the latest selection of trending accessories.

LMD (little mystery dress) is classy which is sooo much more attractive than letting it all hang out.

LMD (little mystery dress) is classy which is sooo much more attractive than letting it all hang out, $48.99


Statement Jacket: Be the epitome of elegance at your fundraiser ball, New Year’s bash or the like in a chic, unexpected jacket. Specifically look for one with an unusual angle in the design, a worldly feel to the print, or a very luxe fabric. Keep the rest of the look simple…maybe pair with your cocktail palazzos???

Dazzle at any event in our statement jackets, $112.

Dazzle at any event in our statement jackets, $112.